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When it comes to the safest cars on UK roadways today, the view from professionals who sell and service these motors is to shop around. In fact, there are many vehicle owners who use an exhibition trailer to haul their automobiles to various exhibitions that feature top motors from the present and past. The safest cars manufactured in the UK often include some top brands that many people literally grew up with while other motors are less well known. Thus, the appeal of car events so customers can view and check-out vehicles touted as safe. 

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Another aspect of sorting out the safest cars on the highway is linked to government testing of top vehicles on UK roadways today. For instance, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency is tasked with road safety in Great Britain by setting various safety standards for driving and operating motor vehicles. Drivers can go to this agency at the GOV.UK website for data on what car brands have been tested.

Safe British motoring explained

The motor vehicle fans who visit various exhibitions and auto theme events in the UK often comment online about the many fun activities for young and old while also highlighting informative displays that showcase "safety on the road." For example, the British made Jaguar has long been marketed as a safe upscale vehicle to drive.

Moreover, there are many safe cars being made in Britain that include

- Mini line of coupes and roadsters

- Honda vehicles being manufactured in Swindon

- Toyota vehicles being manufactured in Derbyshire

- Nissan building cars in Sunderland

- Aston Martin continues to build a full-line of "safe" vehicles

- Rolls Royce is now owned by BMW, but still a top British car brand while also being a "very safe vehicle" to drive

- MG Motors is now owned by SAIC of China, but still builds MG's in Birmingham that are viewed as "very safe motors"

- Vauxhall Motors in Luton is a top UK car brand that made its name on economy and vehicle safety

In general, the cars being made in Britain today are all about "safety," first and foremost, state marketing and branding advertisements featured online and television around the UK today at car shows and exhibitions.

Vehicle made in Britain called safe reliable

With the automotive industry in the UK boasting more than 80 billion in vehicle sales last year, making reliable and safe vehicle is all-important, state manufactures on various car buying websites and vehicle expo exhibits. In fact, the British are credited with always placing a premium on car safety when manufacturing UK car brands or making motors in country for other world-wide vehicle brands. At the same time, the art of displaying vehicle at car expos around the UK is a popular spectator activity because vehicle manufacturers believe that today's driver wants the safest car possible and will go out of their way to view and try and sort out their favorite brand.

Overall, the safest cars on the road today can be found and manufactured in the UK, say happy drivers who are justifiably proud of their British made motor.